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What kind of sport do you prefer?

Started 6/23/19 by kannaa; 525 views.

From: tiffanygrish


OMG. You had better be really seasoned, good at spotting trends and very disciplined with your bets to even try... I do ok myself but I'd feel the pressure for sure if it was my only source of income. I've had losing seasons before in sports like Football and even the NBA and lost money...  Those sports are solid for me every year... Gambling is just a hobby for me that usually ends up making me an extra income. If i didn't have a primary source of income i`d probably be broke

I prefer football, running and workout at gym. By the way I can recommend good inexpensive fitness tracker for comfortable training. It is Skygrand High-End Fitness Tracker HR. I found this model on smart devices. Features:
• Heart Rate & Sleep Monitoring. • All-day Activity Tracking. • Multi-Sport Modes & Connected GPS. • See Calls & Messages on Your Wrist. • Waterproof and dustproof standard.

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From: samuidan


I like outdoor activity like hiking, hunting, fishing and climbing. I am active person so always try to be in good shape. Lately I was on duck hunting. Duck hunting is more easier for me than deer hunting. For me duck hunting like sport. I prefer to use additional tools during hunting like binoculars. My ones is Vortex Optics RZB-2102 Razor HD 10×42. This binocular is made with state of the art lens coating that delivers the best level of light transmission for bright and clear images with high contrast. Plus review here