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Can carbon offsetting solve climate change?

Started May-28 by anderdebra; 97 views.

From: anderdebra


Offsetting has some value in stopping climate change, but it is only one of many climate solutions necessary to save the climate. In offsetting, the carbon emission still takes place, but someone else offsets it. Reducing, eliminating and reversing GHG emissions is a more effective approach to reducing emissions.

Offsets do not encourage polluters to stop producing GHGs; they encourage them to fund other entities to do so. Still, offsets do encourage improved carbon policies and implementation of them where there previously was none.

Carbon offsets will not solve climate change unless leading carbon emissions producers commit to carbon neutrality. This requires developing a sustainable supply chain and a commitment to using renewable and clean energy sources.


From: danielhowell


Yes and no. Carbon credits should not be used as an excuse to put off the systemic reforms to our energy generation and usage that are urgently needed – ultimately, we must reduce emissions drastically to prevent catastrophe and offsetting alone will never achieve that. To opponents, carbon credits and carbon trading are a distraction while we dither over the systemic reforms. To supporters, offsetting and the sale of carbon credits produce a flow of money to developing countries to help them preserve carbon sinks and develop their economies along low-carbon lines.

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From: anderdebra


Even enthusiasts for carbon offsetting do not claim the system is ideal. Some offsetters draw the line at avoided deforestation: the Gold Standard offsetting programme, for instance, backed by green groups including WWF, does not issue credits for avoided deforestation projects because of the concerns above.

But in the absence of a global system that rewards forested nations for preserving their forests, and monitors their success in doing so, offsetting does provide a source of income and protection to some areas, and at least some form of monitoring and accountability to ensure that companies are sticking to their commitments.


From: jonsmaradona


In simple terms, offsetting one tonne of carbon means there will be one less tonne of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there would otherwise have been. To offset emissions a business must purchase the equivalent volume of carbon credits (independently verified emissions reductions) to compensate for the emissions they cannot avoid.  The purchase of these carbon credits enables carbon finance to go to projects which are avoiding and reducing emissions elsewhere in the world, and ensures they are financially viable and sustainable. offset API for ecom

Every carbon credit we sell represents one tonne of emissions reductions that has been delivered by a project, and is independently audited to internationally agreed standards. They are all certified by third parties and go through a rigorous system of checks and balances to prove they are real, measurable, permanent, additional, independently verified and unique.