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Decided to make a new resume

Started Jun-10 by Noah948; 93 views.

From: Noah948


I recently started looking for a job and decided to create a new resume. I have no experience in creating resumes, so I decided to turn to Google Docs and Word. I learned that they offer many free resume templates. Which one is the best to choose from?


From: Jacob233


I recently used a resume template in Google Docs and was very pleased with the result. The templates in Google Docs offer a variety of styles and layouts, and are easily customizable to your needs. You can choose the right template and fill it with information about your experience and skills. This will help you create a professional and attractive resume. I like the Free funny resume templates in Google Docs the best, it's just that people always have serious resumes, and I love it when everything is bright and colorful. 


From: Frank8665


I have also used Word resume templates and they have proven to be very useful. Templates in Word offer a variety of design styles and convenient editing tools. You can easily change the colors, fonts, and arrangement of blocks of information. What I liked is that the templates in Word are quite flexible and allow you to add and delete sections as you see fit.