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Is makeup up to date?

Started Aug-1 by Mandarinich; 113 views.

From: Mandarinich


Tell me if makeup is relevant now? noticed that many girls stopped doing makeup. Maximum ruining can tint. But after all the make-up only emphasizes individuality. And the girl with makeup looks much more spectacular.


From: lelekana


It all depends on the color of the skin and the type of face and appearance. There are people who by nature have a bright appearance. They make up will only be superfluous. But make-up will never go out of fashion. Girls and women always want to be beautiful


From: kenochka


lelekana you are right. The shape of the face and skin color is very determine the style of makeup. I have olive skin. It was very hard for me to choose makeup to my skin color. I bought a lot of different cosmetics, looked possible magazines. I was painted as models are painted. But it looked awful. As I found in the intern, makeup tips for olive skin in the online magazine glaminati. I liked the ideas and they came up to me. Now my makeup makes me happy. You can click here  and choose makeup ideas for yourself too. On glaminati many interesting ideas for different skin types.

  • Edited August 4, 2019 4:09 am  by  kenochka