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What are the best resources to learn woodworking?

Started 8/15/19 by Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1); 378 views.

What are the best resources to learn woodworking?

Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1) said:

What are the best resources to learn woodworking?

Many good answers here on resources such as magazines, TV shows, you tube and others all of which are helpful. I encourage people who bring me jobs to stay and learn how to do the work themselves, some do. In my shop I have over $50,000 worth of tools which I use, I have been acquiring tools for close to 60 years, starting out you probably don't have the budget to duplicate my shop but I will gladly show you how to use any of the tools and you can then pick which ones you will need to get for you shop. I doubt that many woodworkers need a $1500 custom made Japanese chamfer plane when a $9 one will do the same job for most people. or use a table saw or hand plane and save the $9 . An experienced wood worker can show you a lot and most are more then willing to share their experience and knowledge. Good places to look for woodworkers are wood working clubs and craft shows. Pick a wood worker whose work you like and talk to them and ask if they will teach you how to do the type of work they do. Most of the better wood workers and basically Hermits and love to talk about their work and gladly show anyone interested how to do what they do. I will say that you should be wary of those who don't want to share since they usually don't know as much as they let on that they do. Don't let the cost of tools deter you, many old wood workers have been acquiring tools for years, You can buy what you need on an as you go basis and learn to use tools for many purposes rather then buy expensive dedicated tools until the need really arises. Why do I have a $1500 special plane? I got it at a yard sale in a box of tools for $5 bucks and it is a joy to use but most of the time I use a table saw or hand plane to do the job.

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From: samuidan


I am interested in woodworking in general. I like to watch some video on youtube and read some guides or reviews about using different woodworking tools. Lately I read informative review about chainsaw which I want tto buy next month on

I think you can find dozens of blogs about this in internet. Also search for Youtube channels!

Hello! I think you should search some popular blogs from professionals. Videos on Youtube can be quite useful. Also it is quite important to choose right tools, materials and equipment. I recommend to use special reviews like for example about oil for wood finishing In this case, you will always do everything right.