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How did you learn to trade forex?

Started 8/20/19 by snak777; 315 views.

From: snak777


How did you learn to trade forex?


From: kannaa


I am not a trader, but I think that learning trading on my own is impossible. Especially if you want to work with cryptocurrency


From: lilla99


My husband has extra income trading cryptocurrency. Although, in my opinion, the largest financial injection of money into our budget is due precisely to its trade. Of course, this was not always the case. The first year, my husband constantly made the wrong choice and often made mistakes, although he even took the course of a novice trader until he managed to find tenkofx south africa where he found a lot of necessary information about how to trade cryptocurrency on the market and a lot of training materials useful for him


From: afikl


I also want to trade forex. Has anyone heard of Chainlink? Is it a reliable cryptocurrency?

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From: dalana777


 I want to tell you that Forex trading is quite simple. It comes down to buying and selling. You buy one currency and sell another. If the rate of the currency you purchased has increased in relation to the rate of the sold one, then accordingly you will receive profit from your completed operation. But success does not come immediately, it takes time for everything. At this time, I am very interested in chainlink and constantly monitor all the changes on chainlink price prediction and in my opinion it is worth making your investment in this coin.

Hello! You can learn anything nowadays via internet. There are a lot of different information available, you just need to research it. Personally I prefer to work with cryptocurrency, I'm a trader. I work via exchange service and earn good money. Everyone can do this!