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Accessories and people

Started 8/30/19 by GregB12; 281 views.

From: GregB12


Do you agree that accessories, for example, watches, jewelry shows can tell others a lot about ourself and our status? And do you agree that expensive things make people better in others' eyes?


From: TallCup409


I can't say that I agree with that statement, but yes, it's partly true. I think that well-matched, and high-quality accessories will tell others that you have a good taste and know about fashion. It's noticeable when accessories are cheap, and believe me, and sometimes it's better to wear nothing that something with low quality. Expensive things don't make us better, but they can make us look better for others. For example, not a long time ago, I bought a new watch from Online Watch Store It's an expensive and swiss one, and I noticed that people started to pay more attention to me. What about showing someone's status, I think that yes, if you wear expensive accessories, others notice that and they for sure will think that you are a person why has a lot of possibilities in life.


From: jams123


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