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What is it like to get septoplasty?

Started Oct-19 by Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1); 117 views.

What is it like to get septoplasty?

Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1) said:

What is it like to get septoplasty?

I'm almost two weeks out of it and feel great.

I was whipped through the pre-surgical procedures very quickly; backwards robe, shower cap, wrist band, the whole kit. Once in the OR, they gave me the general anesthetic and I knew no more for just over an hour.

While in there, they peeled back the skin from the septum and thinned the septum down, making sure to leave the passage such that the previous turbulent flow of air in the right nostril was now laminar. They also performed a turbinate reduction, which I understand is commonly tossed in with the septoplasty. That reduces the size of the pockets on the inside of the outer portion of the nose. The skin was set back in place and two splints were inserted and sutured at the bottom of the nostril.

Everyone recovers differently, pain was never an issue for me neither was nausea or vomiting. The worst thing for me was the sluggishness and zombie effect from anesthesia and how unexpectedly long it took to recover from that. Also the suck of boredom! But other than that it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be and I am pleased with it so far. I recommend to work with plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills they are really professionals!