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Where can I find a tutor to help me write an essay?

Started 11/5/19 by Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1); 311 views.

Where can I find a tutor to help me write an essay?

Hello! It is not so simple..Firstly you need to understand such things like requirements to the essay, ideas, create an outline and a thesis statement, etc. I recommend to start from essay plan writing, by the way here you can get help from professional writers. Hope this will help!


From: GregB12


As for me, there is no need to hire a tutor. You can gain all the necessary writing skills without the help of another person. On the internet, you can find the structure, examples, etc. I also had some difficulties with writing essays, especially literature analysis essays, but I managed to improve the situation. Also, I found a useful article on, and it helped me much. There was all the information needed for a better understanding of how to write it.