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I need a website.

Started 11/28/19 by Kickmaster; 625 views.

From: Kickmaster


I need a website for my business. This site will be a business card. But I don't understand it . What should I do?

In general, look. You have a choice: a beautiful but expensive site with good functionality and beautiful design, or a cheap and most likely crooked and terrible site. You can always hire freelancers, but it's unreliable. I would recommend you to hire professionals, for example, EffectiveSoft Corporation. These guys will do whatever you want.


From: lelekana


You need to discuss the creation of the site with the developers


From: Mandarinich


It is important for you to choose a good website developer with successful project experience.  I recommend you contact opengeekslab.  They have creative ideas for advantages of motion graphics  . This will be the element by which Internet users will recognize your site


From: kenochka


Now there are ready-made sites on which you can create your own website. It's not expensive.

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From: Mandarinich


Ready-made sites can not take into account the specifics of the company's business.  The site must be consistent with the company's business processes

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From: jamessmmith


Not to more hard search, Efrog is here to help you to build your business website. We are an award-winning web design company Melbourne Australia that aims to provide the finest quality-wise services around the world at the cheapest prices. We have an expert web designing team who help to achieve your goal. For more information visit our site.

Kickmaster said:

I need a website for my business. This site will be a business card. But I don't understand it . What should I do?

Hello. If you don't have any experience in website development process, I think you will need to hire professional developers. Modern websites have difficult functionality and must follow modern requirements. Especially it is important for business sites. Try to contact guys from company, they will help you with your task!