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I need a website.

Started Nov-28 by Kickmaster; 338 views.

From: kenochka


Now there are ready-made sites on which you can create your own website. It's not expensive.

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From: Mandarinich


Ready-made sites can not take into account the specifics of the company's business.  The site must be consistent with the company's business processes


From: golvoka


Yes you are right. Your website is your company's business card on the Internet. But the site is not just a picture.  If you plan to develop your business then the site should become your virtual office. By automating the most business processes, you save the cost of maintaining the company and get more opportunities for development. 
For each company, the main thing is employees and customers. The effectiveness of this tandem will determine the quality of customer service and the work of your employees. 
If you can hear an employee in the office, it is important for customers to organize a platform where they can write their review about the company or write a request to the company.  The customer needs to be heard. You don't need much for that. You can connect hr help desk software  that will improve your company's self-service. With multichannel customer service customer service, HR customer service will no longer be a mess. This platform is to make customer support easier