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Casino or sport betting?

Started 1/13/20 by vakovako; 495 views.

From: Frederic1k


hello, guys. it's an interesting question for me. gambling is very popular right now but I think that sports betting is better. Of course it can be hard to win there but you just need to find some special tips for it, besides you can also visit this website cause I like it a lot.


From: Micholom


Personally, I am more interested in the casino, because it is more interesting, you need to play in the casino wisely and be able to control emotions. The constant feeling of excitement makes this game very cool for me


From: marishum


Hi! Yes. I agree with you. Online casinos are a good way to earn big money from the comfort of your home. My hobby is my job. I am very happy about this. I like to play slots. I found a lot of information on this topic on Mr.Bet pinterestCan you play slots?

Good day. In my opinion both activities are quite interesting and popular among people. But to win in sport betting you need to have special knowledge and skills, so it is more interesting for me. I often make bets on soccer via and win money. All people can do this!