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What problems can be with a dog?

Started Feb-1 by lilla99; 286 views.

From: lilla99


What problems can be with a dog?


From: dalana777


Responsibility for any living creature. A dog can live 10-15 years, and small ones even more. Now, if you are ready for such a period to write yourself a schedule of grooming daily without days off, holidays and absenteeism, then start a dog


From: lelekana


The dog is a very smart animal. I don't think there's going to be a problem.


From: afikl


I live in an apartment and I have a Golden Retriever, she is 4 months old, we don’t let her into the rooms, she has only a hall, a kitchen, a balcony, a corridor and a bathroom. At first I went to the toilet everywhere, now only for a walk.

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From: snak777


Whether you have problems with your dog or not is entirely up to you. If you work with her, then you should not have any problems


From: kannaa


In my opinion there are no problems with dogs at all. A dog in the house is an absolute blessing. This pet will become not only your friend and assistant, bringing practical benefits. In addition, communication with the dog, caring for it is an effective educational method for children. For example, you need to walk with a dog without missing walks; you need to clean up after it - all this is very disciplining. For adults, they also become a real antidepressant. I am very pleased when my pets joyfully meet me after work and look with a devoted look. True, we had one not a big problem. One of our pets loved digging in our garden. But we were able to overcome this thanks to the article after the information we received, we were able to cope with this habit in our dog. By the way, I want to tell you that on the petonbed website you can find reviews and tips for pets from veterinarians on any topic


From: kira7112


I also like dogs. they are the most faithful friends.


From: Alpen25


I like dogs either and I like walking with my Jumbo and taking care of him. The dogs are best friends ever cuz they not gonna let you down ever. I like this website here I can learn more details about good high quality food or some other tips and things my jumbo may need. 

  • Edited March 5, 2020 5:18 am  by  Alpen25