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Most fashionable men's haircuts 2020

Started Feb-15 by Mandarinich; 97 views.

From: Mandarinich


In fashion 2020 textured crop. 
A short male haircut of a crop is a remix of the short nape and temples, and a thick "heavy" hair on top, which is framed by an even cut of bangs. Haircut Crop 2020 is suitable for owners of thick hair, and it is very important that the hairdresser's reconciliation left the hair long enough that the bangs could be cut evenly - it will emphasize the texture of the haircut itself.
Haircut anderkat
In 2020, the trendy undercut is a sharp contrast of length.  Therefore, boldly ask your master to make the back of the head and whiskey very short, and the transition to elongated hair on top let it be contrasting.
Taper, or half-box. 
This implies gradation of length from the top of the head down to the temples and the back of the head. Your natural hair line remains visible.
The length of the hair at the top of the head is 5 - 10 cm. On the temples and the back of the head, the master shortens his hair with a typewriter, achieving a smooth transition. You can, say, ask him to start with 3mm and finish at 1mm.

From: ammarant


Men's hairstyles are very beautiful. There are many different styles. A man with a beautiful hairstyle will always be in the spotlight


From: kenochka


I like modern men's hairstyles. It is no longer just an even haircut of the same length. Very stylish looks undercut fade . The undercut fade complements a man of any age and emphasizes his best features.