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Do you make bets on sport?

Started Feb-26 by Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1); 578 views.

Do you make bets on sport? Which one? How often do you win?

Hello! I don't think that betting is good way to earn money but in some cases it can be something like additional income. As for me I make bets on tennis via only for fun, but several times I won good money! And what about you? What kind of sport do you prefer?


From: alexsandro22


Not at all. I used to but I've lost enough money so I decided to stop betting for good


From: mariopepper


No. I think that sport is just for watching and entertaining. I don't think bets can help sport to develop. But anyway I like watching sport (soccer and hockey) every day since I was a kid


From: kannaa


To make successful sports betting you need to develop your own strategy. Keep abreast of all the changes in the world of sports. Be able to analyze the situation. Choose a reliable bookmaker then your hobby will bring you not only pleasure, but also financial independence

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From: afikl


The most important factor, universal for all categories of players, is the reliability of the bookmaker.

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From: dalana777


I bet on sports and can give you advice. It is important to correctly evaluate the chances of winning, since each time the bookmakers for a particular event set a coefficient that, in a percentage ratio, indicates the probability of winning a particular team. Before you make your first bet, you need to familiarize yourself with what bookmakers exist (check out the list of the best betting sites ) and how they form the odds.