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What are the most common questions on job interview?

Started Mar-3 by Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1); 211 views.

What are the most common questions on job interview? For what shoud I prepare?

There can be different variants like:
1. Questions About Your Job Search
2. Your Skills and Qualifications
3. Motivation/Interests
4. Salary
I can recommend to research some articles about job interview, because I can't write all info here.

There is a whole list of standard questions for a job interview. And all the questions are often repeated. I recently found tell me about yourself best answer. On mr simon's website, I rehearsed my answers to my potential interviewer. This is a very convenient service, you can try it!


From: kannaa


for some reason, it has recently become very difficult to find work

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From: lilla99


It’s very difficult to complete a job interview. Because the employer can offer you a free essay topic or choose a topic yourself. Another difficulty lies in the fact that the topic of the essay is selected so that the candidate can show all his qualities through the text. For example, at an interview I was asked to make a child abuse essay - this essay was written to me by bookwormlab experts. Which were able to compose for me a unique essay with a full test of plagiarism.