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Failed exam and final essay

Started Mar-7 by mariopepper; 100 views.

From: mariopepper


I didn't expect such a result but it happened. I've failed my exam and final essay. I guess it's a warning for me that I should take more care about my preparation. Can you give some advice how to prepare for exam/ additional essay session?

P.S. The topic of my essay was web hosting and related web activity ( I study in the tech school)


From: alexsandro22


This theme is quite hard for writing an essay, especially for final one. If you don't know what to write at all and failed the previous one you should better ask for some help. For example you can check Otherwise I recommend you to read more matherial about web hosting, its process and additional info to it.


From: Lavarda


Hi, I had a similar specialty in college and not all companies were willing to help me. The problem for me was to write a good essay, and for a long time I could not find who would take up such topics, because it wasn’t about nature to write. As a result, paper writing services did their job well. I gave them all theses, they picked me up the author and he managed in a few days. I was delighted.