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Do you like travelling?

Started Mar-9 by Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1); 247 views.

Do you like travelling? What are your favorite places? For example I want to visit New York, how do you think it is good idea?

Yes, it is really good idea to visit New York, especially if you will go to the Central Park. It is very cool place which safe, clean and full of activities. For example here you can skate, see the zoo, take a horse carriage ride and many many other. When I was here with my boyfriend we ordered special Pedicab tour very comfortable and interesting! Also you can take a bike if you are alone. 


From: afikl


I really like traveling. Only I do not want in the USA. I want to look at other countries.

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From: lilla99


I really like to travel. Most of all I like to relax in the UAE. In Dubai. It’s just an incredibly beautiful place. This year I decided to go there to the Septemberl. I rent a car for myself on and I can have a great time. It is very convenient that Evolve does not charge additional fees to customers for car rental, so you will not overpay.


From: kotlyarkolya


Yes, it is really good idea to visit New York,

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From: Alpen25


I really enjoy traveling either but now I just look at situation that's happening in the world and now I don't even know when I can take the trip again, Now I'm just sitting at home try to save more money and here this website helps me to get it. I'm just left without any work so I have to do something to feed my family