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Books you're reading now

Started Mar-16 by Kickmaster; 126 views.

From: Kickmaster


Halfway through Caging Skies, the novel Jojo Rabbit is based on.

"The Picture of Dorian Gray" Oscar Wilde. I think the book doesn't need a presentation. Everyone knows that. But those who have not read, highly recommended. This is the last book I read, and it was two months ago. I still can't start reading a new book because I'm busy with my term paper. Good I ordered itself essay on . now I can start reading books again.


From: Alpen25


Hey pals, last time I read autobiography about Tom Hanks and it was quite an interesting book.. If you like this actor you will like his book about that. I like reading books but I do not like writing tasks at all. Sometimes I got too many tasks like writing essays and other stuff, it makes me nuts, I mean it. I hafta ask for a help here to make all these assignments for me! While I can enjoy my time reading books.