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What sport games are your favorite to watch?

Started May-18 by Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1); 162 views.

What sport games are your favorite to watch? Let's share!

Good evening. Personally I like basketball! I play this game with friends, watch professional matches, especially I like NBA, their players are so powerful. By the way what do you think about sport betting? I want to try here to bet on basketball matches and earn on this. How do you think I will succeed?


From: Frederic1k


Personally, I love watching football matches and you know, I want to start making bets... is it a bad idea or not? I'm kinda interested in this question right now... I found this website with the list of top bookmakers, can you please tell me which one is better?


From: Alpen25


Hey guys, I do not do any sport because I dont got much time for it but sure I like to watch it when get some free time. I have a family and a kid so I should take care of them. I have to make enough cash and here sports helps me to make extra money. I mean sport betting as I said I like watching sport games and make bets sometimes on the weekend .

  • Edited May 23, 2020 6:02 am  by  Alpen25