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What are the different types of tennis tournaments?

Started May-27 by Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1); 93 views.

What are the different types of tennis tournaments? Which do you like to watch?


From: BrunoAra



Majors: These are the 4 Grand Slams that take place every calendar year. Australian Open French Open (Roland Garros) Wimbledon US Open These are called major tournaments because they are the most heavily weighed tournaments in tennis in terms of ranking-points-up-for-grabs. The winner of these tournaments gets 2000 ranking points which is the maximum for any event. They also have the most number of participating players than any other tournaments, with the main draw comprising 128 players in the singles categories. Masters: These are the 9 non-grand slam major tournaments that take place every year. Indian Wells Masters Miami Open Monte-Carlo Masters * Madrid Open * Italian Open (Rome) * Canadian Open (Montreal, Toronto) Cincinnati Masters Shanghai Masters Paris Masters These are the tier-2 tournaments with a 1000 ranking points at stake for the winner. Like grand slams, almost all top players are expected to play all these events. Three of these (*) are played on clay while the rest are all played on hard courts (although the kind of hard courts can vary; some are faster, some are slower). There are no tournaments at this level on grass. ATP World Tour Finals: This is only one tournament that is played among the top 8 players in a given year. The 8 players who have the best performance during Jan-Nov qualify for this tournament. It is played in a round-robin format before the semi-finals and finals. The winner of this tournament takes home 1500 ranking points. This tournament sometimes decides who the year-end world number 1 is going to be. ATP 500/250: These are the remaining two categories. As the name suggests, they award 500/250 ranking points to the winner. Only best 4 or 5 results in these tournaments are counted for the final year-end rankings. Take a look here for more.

I like Wimbledon, Australian Open, US Open tournaments. These are the most popular in the world. Sometimes I don't have enough free time to watch all interesting matches, but I always follow all news and scores on, very comfortable!