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Is medicine interesting?

Started Jun-1 by Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1); 138 views.

Is medicine interesting? If yes/no, why? Do you want to work as a doctor?

I think yes. It is good job which can be useful for other people.

Good day. I can say, it is surely interesting. But process of studying is not so simple. For many people it can be terrible. You will need to know such subjects like biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics. Also after practice you will need to apply for medical license, it is also difficult. Thanks god there are such medical licensing services which can help you with this!


From: Alpen25


Medicine is important for everyone who takes care over health. I am taking care of myself and my body. I believe that this is very important in the modern world and I can tell you a secret how to make your body attractive and beautiful. I use Blessed CBD and recommend it to all my friends. you can read a lot of positive reviews about the effect of this oil


From: Lavarda


Good day! I love medicine and so now I often sit on the site It helps me learn a lot about the CBD product in terms of medicine. It is very interesting. By the way, on this link you can read about CBD vape. I wish you good luck!


From: erina45


Medicine is exciting but also a complicated sphere. I'd been dreaming of becoming a doctor and opening my clinic, and now I work on it. The biggest problem is not in finishing medical uni or getting a license, but with the equipment. Sometimes the price can be too high. But it's also not a problem. I found one site where you can Buy Used Ultrasound Machines, and there are many items to choose from, with different characteristics. I think that such a device is vital, so buying it is the first thing to do.