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Do you play sports yourself or with a coach?

Started 6/19/20 by Mandarinich; 111 views.
Mandarinich said:

What kind of workouts to choose? How do I do it better with a coach or on my own?

Hey. Many depends on what exactly sport you will choose. If you are a newbie of course it will be better to hire professional coach. But if you have necessary experience and skills you can workout by yourself. Personally I work with a coach, my choice is boxing. I also watch professional fights and make bets via It is something like my little hobby;)

Hi guys. If you are talking about workout in the gym, I think better will be to hire professional coach, especially if you are a beginner. Personally I don't like gym, so I prefer to play football. We have even our own team! Also I like to watch matches and make bets with betin login site. It is something like my hobby!