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I want a relationship.

Started 2/19/21 by Jeraldos; 350 views.

From: Jeraldos


Now I am 24 years old and so that you understand the whole picture. The last time I was with a girl was about 2.5 years ago. This is real horror and I am still alone. I want a relationship. What will you advice me?


From: BillShiphr


I advise you to communicate more in a friendly circle and attend various parties. This can always give you a good reason to meet. You can also pay attention to dating sites, as there are also many single girls looking for their love. Feel free to write first.


From: Lavarda


My aunt, at an early age, went through a terrible, difficult divorce. To cheer her up, friends registered her on new south wales dating sites. As it turned out, she was very hooked by one man, not only externally, but also by the general religious view. Aunt, communicating with him, blossomed straight, rejuvenated!


From: leenarobben


You should get married, don't fall in love prior to marriage. 


From: goosewas


Hi Jeraldos, I was in the same situation as you, and maybe even worse! I only had one girlfriend in my whole life! I was 25 and really depressed, I started videochating online at Omegle TV, and it really helped me out, I met a wonderful girl who lived just a few hours from my city and we've been dating for 4 years now! To me that's what worked out, give it a try man, even you can make make friends to play videogames with.


From: maksm99


Hi, interacting with interesting people can inspire pleasant and rewarding changes in your life. For example, the goal may be to learn a new language, attend personal growth trainings, play sports, and correct your appearance. You can find very suitable people or you can even meet celebrities on On the Internet, it is easier to sincerely answer the question about the purpose of dating. Cheers and good luck.