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How to Get the Correct Score Prediction Today and Tomorrow?

Started Sep-13 by Kaminskii; 43 views.

From: Kaminskii


For example, if I work out that the probability of a 1-0 home win is 12 percent - the real odds should be approximately 7/1 (1_0.12) - 1 = 7.3) - I'll have a punt if I can get at least 8/1.
In betting terms, that means that if I bet €1 on that game 100 times, I'll win on 12 of them and lose 88. On 8/1, I make a profit of €8 (€12 x 8 - €88 = €8). On 7/1 I lose €4 (12 x €7 - €88 = -€4), yet on both occasions, I've backed 12 winners.
That's the first lesson anyone who wants to make money out of correct score betting has to learn. Gambling when the odds are in your favor will generate profits in the long run. It's simply the reverse of what the bookmakers usually do. The skill is playing only when you know you have the advantage. If you persist in betting when the prices are in your favor, you'll get the odd break and should profit in the long run. Also, to maximize profit, you should always try to extract it from wherever possible. For example, using the Odds2Win promo code while registration at the bookmaker’s website you will get a terrific bonus of $130. The same can be done using this link for signup.