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Fear of cheating

Started Aug-3 by bossboja; 238 views.

From: mariopepper


First of all, it is your insecurity. Very often people are jealous because they think they can find a better replacement. Also, her past experience influences her, it's obvious. Many may not agree with me, but I believe that if a person cheated once, it will happen again. You can read a blog about cheating at There you will find information about the behavior of the person who cheats, your fears and how to cope with the problem. It also helps to have a frank conversation with your partner, so she can listen to you and tell you her side of the story. Don't be afraid to tell it like it is.


From: mamarika


Trust is important in a relationship. You don't trust your chosen one, so it is unlikely that anything will work out with her. You will ruin your psyche and your relationship with your jealousy. If this happens, you won't have any effect on it, and the problem is not you, but your partner, who doesn't respect you.


From: GeraldBanks


All the girls I've ever been with have cheated on me. I was already desperate to find a girl who loved me and was faithful, but soon my friends told me to try a relationship with a foreigner, because they always put family first. I got a profile at and met a beautiful girl. I've already invited her to my place in Sydney and she's flying in tomorrow. In anticipation.


From: RoyMorris


How are you not afraid to go on dates with strangers from the Internet?


From: JosephJohn21


I'll share a secret with you. So you don't have to worry about going on a date with a stranger you should know a lot of information about this person beforehand and get acquainted with him on a reliable site where all users are screened. If you have trouble finding a reliable site on your own, then visit their website. This is where you will find a list of good sites with great ratings and which you can trust.