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Teeth spoiled by musical instruments

Started Dec-7 by Noah948; 76 views.

From: Jacob233


I didn't know that playing musical instruments could somehow harm my health. You surprised me, of course. You can get help with your teeth at All On 4, go to them, maybe they can help you. I want to tell a similar situation as yours, only I didn't play musical instruments, I was an athlete, I worked out on horizontal bars and chin-ups. I did cool stunts, I performed in competitions. I had been doing it for about 5 years, but I was still young and stupid at the time. Turns out I had brittle bones, and because of all that exercise my bones began to deteriorate. I ended up having several surgeries. I'm fine now, but I realized that before you start doing anything you have to be aware of all the risks. 


From: Frank8665


Oh, I remembered my high school days, how I played guitar, all my fingers were covered in calluses. All the girls were chasing me, wanting to hear me sing and play, those were wonderful years.