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Are profitable sports betting luck or skills?

Started 7/29/19 by Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1); 309 views.
Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1) said:

Are profitable sports betting luck or skills?

Because the bookmakers have margin on each bet being placed it is impossible to be profitable betting sports in the long term by simply being lucky. When betting your goal should be to beat the vig-free closing line of the sharpest bookmakers. Meaning the odds at the time the game starts. If you do some research there are multiple studies confirming that there is a very high correlation between the true odds of the outcome of a game and the closing lines of the sharpest bookmakers in the market. Or in other words, the bookmakers are very good at predicting the probability of a game’s outcome.

Beating the closing line does not guarantee that you will be profitable, but all sports bettors who are profitable in the long term are consistently beating the closing line. You can measure the degree to which you are lucky or not by keeping track of the bets you make and review whether the odds you placed the bet at is better or worse than the closing line.

Basically you are treating the closing line as the your expected value (EV) and your aim is to take bets that are +EV. Over a large volume of bets variance will even out and your results should converge towards your EV.

Great answer from Kathleen Griffin! I agree! Today, betting on sports has become much easier, because there is no need to go to a specialized office and stand in a long queue. You can do this online. You need only to choose bookmaker for you. If you want to start I can recommend 1xbet here you can read all info about this service.

I earn on sport betting with Totesport( The only thing important in sports betting is the ability to identify value. Without value you will almost certainly be down, whilst if you are able to identify it, you are likely to be in profit. You can also for example play poker or something like this!