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How can I help my old mother?

Started 8/21/19 by lilla99; 662 views.

From: lilla99


How can I help my old mother? The fact is that my mother has recently become very sick. In addition, her heart often worries and pressure rises. She does not want to live with smna. I wanted to find someone to take care of her, but my mother is categorically against strangers. What do i do?


From: kannaa


If you don’t trust a stranger like that. then can you try to find someone through your relatives or friends?


From: snak777


When my father started to get sick and I, just like you, was looking for possible options from among my friends or relatives, my work colleague advised me to apply for participation in the CDPAP program (in this program they try to find the person you need from among your relatives) on allheart where for my father in two weeks they picked up a person (a distant relative) with all the skills to care for a sick elderly person.

  • Edited August 22, 2019 3:29 am  by  snak777

From: Mandarinich


Maybe you should take a vacation to take care of your mom? Do you have such an opportunity?


From: lelekana


You need to find the person you trust and you and your mom. But it must be a person who has special knowledge and skills. There are a lot of health problems in adulthood. You can contact the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging for advice. You can also hire center specialists to care for your mom.


From: kenochka


It's mom's right to live the way she wants to. It's her life. You can only help her to establish a household, organize purchases, clean the house.


From: ammarant


Your concern for your mother you can show that you will help her to make her life more loyal to her age. It can be a rearrangement of furniture, changing any spaces. It's Christmas and New Year's eve. These days gifts for care are perceived joyfully. You can give your mom a chair for back pain. On you can find a great overview of the best recliners for back pain. This will give you the opportunity to choose a quality chair for your mom.

So you'll take care and help your mom.


From: afikl


It is very difficult when your loved one is sick. Therefore, you need to protect your health

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From: dalana777


I fully agree that you need to protect your health. That is why I always monitor my health. By the way, I found interesting information about what diseases of different zodiac signs are possible and now it’s much easier for me to monitor my health.