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Holidays in Dubai

Started Dec-31 by kannaa; 415 views.

From: lilla99


Dubai is a great place to stay. Only try not to go there on holidays - everything will be very expensive in the summer too, it is unbearably hot. As for the attractions, the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Music Fountain, Atlantis The Palm Resort with a water park and a marine animal park. By the way, I advise you to pre-book a car through the platform so you solve a lot of your problems. Personally, we really liked the renty services, the car was well maintained, clean, and the driver knew everything and he himself advised us where it is best to spend time.

  • Edited January 3, 2020 3:26 am  by  lilla99

From: afikl


great idea rent a car

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From: dalana777


I also really enjoyed a vacation in Dubai. I was able to see many new places and take great pictures. Now I'm going to create a small slide show with them and combine them with other videos. So I recently found png to pdf online file converter and was pleasantly surprised that I can use this converter for free.


From: Katheryn19


During the summer season if you are planning your vacations to Dubai then you must be aware of the weather conditions there too. Although It's hot as the place is truly designed for tourists so the hotel facilities are really really good. You can experience the desert safari that is always going on whatever the weather condition is. Then the miracle garden gives a very refreshing experience.