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Who has a criminal record?

Started 6/8/18 by HWPeeler (HPeeler); 31 views.
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Why higher black unemployment?

Is this a "content of character" question?

Having a criminal record can have a profound influence on being hired.

This is next to useless to discuss because of differing definitions. To the FBI it means you have been convicted of a felony. To others it may just mean you have been arrested for anything at all. Are we talking about who has been in jail or who is in prison?

(2016 numbers)

330 million Americans. 17% blacks (56 million), 12% Hispanic (39 million), the rest counted as whites, 70% (234 million).

17 million whites in prison (7.2% of whites). 

5 million blacks in prison (8.9% of the blacks). Not a significant difference there.

NAACP says blacks are incarcerated at five times that of whites, so blacks are arrested more often but don't end up in prison as often.

Employers are only supposed to ask about felony convictions. Having filled out my share of employment application over my life I can see that is not the case. It depends on the job. Jobs that require security tend to be pickier about this. Top Secret / Crypto applications want to know if you had any non-white girl friends. Arrest records for jaywalking are a problem.

Aside from that academic accomplishments might be considered in job applications. In high school were you more interested in when the next party was than what you were going to do for a living?

Jocks get all the attention in high school. Book worms get all the attention on the better jobs.

Where did you invest your time in high school and college?