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PLAYOFFS   D2 Football Discussion

Started by WVCSportsFan; 487 views.

From: raph2782


I am assuming GAR 58 is C. K. I think we need to get more people out there for Dunmore up in Scranton. You need to bring back the pit and make sure we're loud on Friday. Dunmore always brings their crowd. Bring back all the alumni for this one and then some. We can win this one! I'll be ready to support.



From: LLFAN3


Don't bring my religion into this.  Don't even go there.  My religion has nothing to do with this.

And I don't vote along party lines.  I vote for the best candidate, in my view.  That said, why would I think GAR is going to win just because they are a WVC team?

I picked Lehman to beat GAR because I firmly believed they could beat GAR.  Lehman played a terrible game, and GAR forced four turnovers.  Despite that, it came down to the last play to finally know GAR won.

I picked Hanover to beat GAR, and again, it took GAR batting down a pass at the end of the game for GAR to seal the victory.  GAR did not exactly "slaughter them alive".  They made the plays to win the game.  It was not a convincing victory.

So, even though I was wrong on these two games, I was close.  I know, "close" only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades...

I repeat - GAR won the games that needed to be won to put them into the District final game.  They deserve to be there.

Now on to Dunmore.  In my opinion, they are the better team.  I am not a GAR fan (and I am not saying I hate GAR, I am just not a fan.  I graduated from Coughlin, and I now am involved at Lehman.  So I am not a GAR fan.)  So, just as Frank makes picks, I am picking that Dunmore will beat GAR.


From: Mat_Observer


I'd also have to pick Dunmore.

Here's an idea - Does anyone from Hanover have an idea on this one?

They played both.



From: tuggsey


I am a GAR fan and backer, but unlike Frank with his WVW picks and rankings (no offense Frank) there comes a time when reality sets in.  I would like nothing more than fro GAR to pull off the huge upset, and it would be a huge upset if GAR was to win this one, but I definatly think that this game will be a season ender for GAR  closer than most peoploe think, but Dunmore comes out on top of this one.

Dunmore 28  GAR  14 


From: brossi8


 Dunmore 35, GAR 14

From: champ49


yea im from hanover and i played both GAR and Dunmore and Miller Homes and Perry are going to run over GARs D, ...just telling you how it is.
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From: crusader105


Dunmore wins this game by 3 scores

From: Mat_Observer


One thing to remember.

Dunmore doesn't run up the score.

I've been to all of their games this year. 

They've been close enough to the Mercy Rule in most of their games - but never got there.  And they play LOTS of kids.

I believe they don't get into the Mercy rule on purpose most of the time - to get the younger kids the playing time.

Which makes them better in the upcoming years.



From: GridironGANG


Yea it'll be a different when GAR plays Dunmore, because unlike Hanover, Dunmore's LBs arent afraid to hit someone

From: LLFAN3


But can they get a clean shot at Womack?  He is one of the most elusive runningbacks I have seen in D2 in a long time.  Some other backs like Klebon from Riverside are getting a lot of press, but they are bulls.  They are not slick like Womack.  It all comes down to the line of scrimmage.  If Womack gets a sliver of light, he is gone.  But Dunmore is big and good on both sides of the ball.  I won't be able to make it to the game, so I will have to see the highlights at 11:00.