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From: whatsavegan3/8/10 6:58 PM 
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Well, personally, I believe that the world had been warned several times over while hitler was in power. building massive supplies of weapons, even writting in his autobiography about world domination. i am a huge world war 2 enthusiust, i am fascinated by world war 2. my grandfather actually fought the, the nazis at the battle of the bulge, was wounded 7 times in the back and still kept fighting.

in my opinion theres 2 main factors that was the reasoning for the nazi regimes success in warfare, hitlers massive supply of weapons and armanmants, as well as the nieghboring countries in europe being totally unprepared.

anyone else have similar expierences.

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From: himmler888883/9/10 2:46 AM 
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yes hitler's brave nazi warriors are the reason why today we are free from total jewish allied domination. hitler's nazi military goes down as the most successfull war on international jewry and alliedism in history, but there is still lots more work to be done to carry on the nazi fight against judaism & alliedism in the axis nazi movement of today. today we don't have axis german nazi or japanese soldiers, as currently these nations have sold out to the jews and are puppets of the hated jewish allied enemies' regime. today we have the brave islamist nazi jihad fighters like iraq, iran, afghanistan, north korea, venezeula, taliban, hezbollah, hamas, palestine, etc. carrying on hitler's nazi fight against judaism, alliedism, the western allies, the hated jewish allied enemies and their zionist supporters. hitler would be proud of them all.
anyone who stands up to, fights, or kills jewish allied soldiers (especially isrealis and americans) is a true axis nazi hero in my nazi books. germany, japan, iran, islamist nazis, and the neonazi volkssturm of the world(nazi home guard) should team up to invade and destroy the hated isreal. as far as i am concerned, isreal does not exist. that land belongs to the palestineans. if we stand up to and confront the jews and all pro axis nazi supporters work and fight together, i have nazi faith that one day this world will be free from isreal, alliedism, the hated jewish allied enemies & their zionist supporters, and we may need to have a 3rd world war before international jewry is finally vanquished from this earth once and for all, hitler willing.
in other nazi news, sheik osama bin laden & iranean fuhrer mahmoud amadinejad recently denied the holohoax again and called for the destruction of isreal and the zionist jewish allied regime. all i have to say is build your strength & weapons, my nazi warriors of the revolution. for when the nazi war comes down in this axis nazi jihad, there will be no mercy on these juden-infidels as we strike terror into our jewish allied enemies- count me in this nazi fight! LET THE CATTLE CARS ROLL!! DEATH TO ISREAL AND THE HATED JEWISH ALLIED ENEMIES!! AXIS POWER!! HEIL HIMMLER!! HEIL HITLER! HEIL AMADINEJAD! HEIL IRAN! LONG LIVE THE AXIS NAZI JIHAD REVOLUTION!! LET THE NAZI JIHAD COMMENCE. HITLER AND ALLAH WILL CONQUER!!

From: Guest3/17/10 12:05 PM 
To: whatsavegan  (3 of 18) 
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yeah my granddad was in ww2 and he is still alive. i thought it was awesome that he stayed alive usually people die and then that is what happens but it was really supprised.

From: Guest3/23/10 6:23 PM 
To: himmler88888  (4 of 18) 
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Your an idiot.

From: Weiss1112/28/11 1:17 AM 
To: himmler88888 unread  (5 of 18) 
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I just viewed this site for the first time tonight, since my Father fought in WWII and was a decorated Army man. I assumed I might find some decent old folks who could help with some questions I have about a couple of the Battles, etc.

Instead, what I see are very few, if any, ongoing conversations, so in that respect, it appears to be a very unsuccessful forum, which is a shame because, in my opinion, it's an excellent topic for meaningful discussion. That being said however, that as long as lunatics such as you are allowed to post your anti-semantic drivel on this site, than the site will never amount to a hill of beans. They must figure out a way to effectively muzzle idiots like you, who have no other agenda then be be a rebel-rouser. If this was my site and I were the Administrator, your ass would be tossed from here so fast that your head would spin!

Or, as an alternative suggestion - *GROW UP*. Get your head out of your ass and stop the Anti-Semite crap. You will never succeed so long as America is Israel's best supporter, so time to cut your baloney and try to be more productful in your life than walking around spouting stupid anti-Semite statements.


From: Worldwar29/26/12 7:01 PM 
To: Weiss111  (6 of 18) 
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This use to be a great forum until they let this delusional Nazi contribute. They tried to kick him off several times but were not successful. Now the forum is dead. I just wrote the original maker of the blog. Hope to see him do something about it.


From: Weiss1119/26/12 8:42 PM 
To: Worldwar2  (7 of 18) 
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Sorry to hear that and good luck in trying to get it straightened out!

From: Worldwar29/26/12 9:01 PM 
To: Weiss111  (8 of 18) 
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Glad to hear from someone. I would like to see this forum start up again as there were many meaningful discussions from people all over the world, including Canada, England, Europe, New Zealand, Germany, and Russia just to name a few of the countries that contributors posted from. Some of the posts were ninety to a hundred messages long, and were very interested because of the international flavor and differences of opinion.

From: Weiss1119/26/12 9:48 PM 
To: Worldwar2  (9 of 18) 
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Yes, that sounds great. I mean, it *IS* an interesting and important subject, with many different facets, so you would think that it wouldn't be too hard to get a decent conversation going on some subject.

In my case, my dad was injured right around the time the Battle of the Bulge started, and was in the area where it started, yet he was not credited with that campaign in his honors, and I've been curious why that happened. About the only way anything can be traced at this late date is if I could locate a member of his unit, which is just about impossible.


From: Worldwar29/26/12 11:42 PM 
To: Weiss111  (10 of 18) 
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The war was so vast with so many different things going on that finding out what role your Dad played can be a difficult but not impossible task. The first thing is obtaining copies of his military records, which is not that difficult to do on line. The of course there is Mr. Google and Amazon Books for openers. Many out of date books are available that provide details that Mr. Google and Mr. Wikipedia don't have. However both couples provide clues as to where to search. The army records will provide the clues as to which web site to go to.

It took a while for me to trace my uncle's war experience despite the fact that he was in the 82nd airborne which was one of the most publicized divisions. I didn't have the benefit of his army records, but did have a news clipping from the old Brooklyn Eagle that my aunt had saved which gave me the clues to what campaigns he participated in. I learned that his regiment engaged the SS division Vendetta at the Mussolini Canal, and that he was one of the few survivors who went to Normandy after Anzio. I knew he was wounded in Holland in Oct 44, and determined it was on the Siegfried line based upon the histories given on line.

An old out of date book on Anzio provided a lot of data not contained on line. Remember the author who wrote these older books relied on information no longer readily available.

A lot of it is guesswork and note taking, ruling stuff in, and ruling stuff out. If your Dad was in the Battle of the Bulge, chances are he was in Normandy, and most of the battles through France. You can figure out some of his movements by his Division numbers, whether he was under Montgomery when they split the armies up after the Budge attack or with Bradley.

Remember 200,000 a week for five full years were killed during World War 2. It's a big story and there is a lot of material out there. Finding personal information can be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. However there are individual web sites set up by vets, that publish old photographs and memories. So the search can be worth while. I did get a rush looking at my Dad's military records, and seeing his signature on his pay documents.

I would be happy to provide you with any answers I have as I have more then two thousand books on the subject.


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