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Fuel Shut Off Solenoid Removal Kits   For Sale/Wanted

Started 4/15/12 by Sick Mick* (quick_mick); 19410 views.
Sick Mick* (quick_mick)
Got your payment Carlos....I'll drop 'em in the mail in the morning. We need to get together for a ride!

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Don't you need a running bike to do that?    
Sick Mick* (quick_mick)
Hey...I got a whole day to work on it today. Got my detail spray gun cleaned and ready to shoot some primer when I get back home next Saturday afternoon.... Just give me another month or so and I'll be riding....
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Sick Mick* (quick_mick)
Thanks Dave! I really appreciate that!

From: aboyle6210


I just purchased a 2006 VStar 1100.  The fuel solenoid have already been disconnected, carbs jetted, Big Air Kit and Cobra full system exhaust.  The previous owner said the solenoids are unplugged, causing the engine light.  Do the solenoids need to be reomoved? or is it possible for them to just be unplugged.  I am planning to take the bike apart this weekend to investigate further.  Not really sure what I am looking for?  What sort of connector am I looking for?  single wire, two wire?  Also, where does this Solenoid Removal Kit ground to?  If it is a two wire connector is it possible to just place a resistor accross the leads to resolve this engine light?


Thanks in advance for your help.....I am a nuby/novice rider trying to teach myself the small in and outs for my new bike!


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Man that sounds like my bike I sold last year. It wouldn't be black with ghost flame would it. Hard bags, fairing.