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Modifying my bike, advice please   CustomModifications/Projects

Started 8/1/18 by Cerberus73; 2058 views.

From: Cerberus73


Could you give me the price for the 440 cams? and if possible can I put my name down for a pair of them? if not from the sets you have coming in 6 weeks, from the next batch, as i will be doing the work over the winter, and using the bike until around November. so in no huge rush. Have you any air cleaner kits in stock? if so which type have you got?

Don't worry about the looks question, it was just to give you an idea of what I'm trying to achieve as the end project. Glad to hear that the reliability isn't affected, that was my main worry.

Cams are $325 + postage + $200 refundable core charge that you'll get back if you return your stock cams to me within 30 days. I have air kits in stock, under tank & foward facing kits. 

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From: Cerberus73


Another quick question, Right the progressive 465 rear shock, I can pick one up for just £230 ($297) at todays conversion rate from a supplier i know here. he only has 1 in stock from a batch he ordered, but its the 1" lower version, the front end upgrade kit I'm wanting allows you to set it stock, or 1" to 2" lower. so the main crux of my question is, would i notice any adverse handling from dropping it at both ends by 1" the roads here can be twisty, and the surfaces not in the greatest state of repair. I am also going to give Hagon shocks a call, has anyone got one on there 1100? its around £300 to buy direct from them. Im  around 210lb i dont carry pillion really, but i can go touring with loaded up saddlebags, tent etc. so probably another 100lb or so at times. this 465 is about half the usual going price.

Call Hagon. I don't know if the build an 1100 shock. I know they do for the Royal*.


From: Cerberus73


Yeah hagon do make a shock for the 1100, it was more a comparison between the progressive and hagon. and if going for the lower shock will affect the handling.

Lower the front & rear 1" & you'll get better cornering, but no frame scraping. Lower & you'll scrape the frame sometimes. Any shocks/springs are better than stock

I have cams due here on Tuesday 8/28. 3 coming, 2 are already sold.