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Low oil pressure light   Technical-Bikes

Started May-4 by jas2048; 489 views.

From: AussieCaro


I bought a 1988 xvs1100 custom last year. It's done 135,000km now and the light comes on every now and then. The chap I bought it from told me to just ignore the light. No weird noises, leaks etc. All good so far. 


From: crazeeharry


Oil level only, an air bubble may form on the sensor giving a low reading, jab the F. Brake a few times or swish the bike from side to side it will go out....

Oil only to the middle of the sight glass. Don't over fill it won't help

Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


Crazeeharry is right. I actually do fill mine almost to the top of the sight glass (a really stupid way to check oil level on a bike with no  center stand!)  This may not be recommended procedure, but if I don't  do it, I get the oil light as soon as I start climbing the hills that start right out of my driveway. Been doing this for a decade with no ill effects. Call me paranoid, but I can't ignore that damn light! :)