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Gear shifter problem, cant get all gears   Technical-Bikes

Started 7/10/20 by Hally1962; 402 views.

From: Hally1962


Hi I was out for a ride today and could not get into 4th or 5th gears, I done a youtube search and there is a screw that comes loose inside the left hand cover just to the right of the fly wheel , any one else had this problem on a v star 1100, It looks like a simple fix to sort the problem, if you have had the same problem or similar did it cure the issue


From: Fireteacher


You are correct.  The screw going into the center of the shift drum is notorious for backing out and interfering with the shift linkage.  It is imperative that you address this immediately.  Otherwise, the threat of the screw backing out further and rendering the bike unrideable or the screw snapping off is imminent.

Once you come upon the screw and if it’s not damaged, loctite it back in place and you’ll be fine for the life of the bike.  If you wait and the screw breaks off, your repair is infinitely more complicated.

There is a video on YouTube that addresses it specifically with a good explanation and solution.

Good luck


From: Hally1962


All sorted now mate  runs line a dream 

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Awesome....that's what we like to hear....