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just replaced the ignition switch but it wont fire up on my 99 vstar    General Discussion

Started 7/21/20 by SCheney007; 163 views.

From: SCheney007


i just replaced my ignition switch because i lost the keys, and then i got no power, i took the seat off and saw that there was a 30 fuze that was busted so i replaaced it with a 15 beause it was all i hadd at the time,  I hooked the battery up to a jump and got the bike to finally turn over, but it wont xompletely fire, im not sure what i can do.....any suggestions i would sure appreciate it,  by the way im brand new to this forum pretty stoked about it!

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Put in a 30 amp fuse.

Then retrace everything you did. If that fuse went, you may have easily blown others and you may also have a short somewhere.  I'd pull off the tank and start looking at all the wires......