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Bike will not start back up when it’s hot   General Discussion

Started 7/31/20 by MjDeezy; 528 views.

From: MjDeezy


Hello everyone I have a 2002 Yamaha xvs 1100, ive had a starting issue when the bike is hot.  if I run the bike, take a ride and come back and turn it off it won’t want to turn back on.... it cranks but won’t turn over.... I just had a full tune up on the bike, carbs cleaned, I had the starter clutch replaced and my valves  adjusted.... I don’t know where to go from here..... the mechanic told me the bike is very good besides a small oil leak from one of the rings....any ideas what could help me ride this bike longer than a 20 min ride?


From: MjDeezy


Yeah I have read that it’s not that, I literally just got the bike back from the mechanic, and the choke was completely off. I’ve been reading on how it can be vapor lock but my gas cap is also brand new.

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Bright and plastic don't mix well.

Doug (millerdtime)

From: Doug (millerdtime)


I occasionally have that problem more recently on my '08 Classic.  Holding the starter on for a while (15 seconds or so?) and it usually does start (with choke off of course), albeit with a healthy smell of gas.  However, now when I stop for a bit with bike shut off I'm in the habit of removing and replacing the gas cap before trying to start, and it almost never happens anymore.

Both of these approaches are mentioned in the referenced article.