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Greeting from a "new" XVS rider   New Member Introductions

Started Aug-15 by 7JEP; 1935 views.

From: 7JEP


True confession - maybe it will help someone else who is as dense as I am.

I thought the PMS was INSIDE the bowl cover and that would have to be removed.  I watched a YouTube video on overhauling the carburetors where I was able to see that the PMS was NOT and it is accessible, albeit tight.  Doh!

So I have turned the screws out, trying to keep them the same.  It is vastly improved BUT the rear cylinder exhaust is still backfiring (I could see the pop in the dark).  So I am going to open that and keep working them to handle the pop.  

Thanks for your replies. 

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From: seabird1974


I have always told my buddies that backfiring is PMS too lean but having worked on the carbs and reading a lot on this forum I have found out there can be many causes. 

Seen posts on shaft seal, ais etc.

Good luck, you you fix it soon

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Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Yes indeed. Make sure all of your exhaust bolts are tight and intake boots are in place correctly.


From: 7JEP


Thanks. I checked the intake boots and they seemed tight BUT the rear one has a little puddle of fuel in the bottom of it.  The front bottom just looks shiny.  The puddle doesn't look right.  Is this expected or is there something needing to be adjusted?

btw I tried to attach pictures but it wouldn't post with the pictures attached.

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Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Make sure your carbs are synched. Some fuel in the boots is normal. Picture posted fine for me using the picture icon in the message window.

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From: Hally1962


I have a theory on this, The crankcase breather enters the stock air filter box near number 1 cylinder intake, if you take a sample on a tissue and set fire to it you will find that it don`t ignite like fuel although it smells of fuel, I do believe its a mixture of condensation and oil fumes from the engine breather , yes it smells like fuel but that`s probably  because of the fumes from the carbs in the filter box, I`m doing away with the stock set up and going to fit a breather else where just to see if my theory is correct, has any body else done this, if so what were the results

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


The majority of us do away with the stock air filer, airbox etc and go with pods.


From: crazeeharry


All of us with Pod filters just cap the crankcase breather hose with a small breather filter up under the tank.

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Like mentioned above......almost all of us have ditched the stock intake years ago. A good pod filter set up will net you a nice HP increase too.