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What is this part?   General Discussion

Started Aug-17 by 7JEP; 263 views.

From: 7JEP


Can someone please tell me what this part is? It appears to be a heat shield. 

I pulled it out a bit for the photo but it’s between the rear cylinder head and the frame/tank.

I think I have looked at every drawing of the engine, frame, tank, etc. and this part is simply not there.  Although I can safely claim I'm old and might need new glasses. 

It’s rubber on one side (top) and a really thin aluminum on the bottom glued together.  The glue is looking a little sad and the whole thing seems to work it's way out after time.

Many questions after “what is it?” = Is this something a previous owner randomly installed?  Is it actually needed?  Can I just remove the thing? 

If I do need to replace it (this one is sort of splitting apart) where can I get one.

2003 1100 Classic.
Any info appreciated.

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From: FranXVS1100


Hi, I could be wrong as I can't see the picture even zooming in but I'd guess it's a liner for under the tank & also a heat shield. 




From: 7JEP


Thanks Fran,

That sounds like a great description.  Is it on a drawing?   Is it only for the rear cylinder head?

If it's something I should/need to have I want to get a new one because this one is "hammered". 

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From: RCCola45


Thought I answered it for you ... if your dead set on getting another one here you go but I know I removed mine and  am sure I was not only one.

Here are two links for you ... click here for used one for $16 OR  click here for new one at $50 ... its number 55.


From: 7JEP


Thanks RC.  If you hadn't told me where it was on the drawing I wouldn't have recognized it since mine is so beat up.

That being said I'll be removing it - $55?.  It seems completely superfluous.