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Vstar lowering kit    For Sale/Wanted

Started Aug-30 by hctr154; 464 views.

From: hctr154


I have lowering links, shorty kickstand and Roadstar spring. 


1)  Would you  be interested in selling the kickstand separately?

2)  Also, would you happen to have the install sheet for the lowering links, showing the heights for the different mounting holes. I have them installed, but have misplaced the sheet showing the different mounting hole combos for different heights, and need to make an adjustment. I'm sure my papers are in a very safe place...but my brain simply can't recall where. (Mine have 2 holes on the top end, and 4, I think, on the bottom (maybe 5?) Bought them back in 2004.

Thanks in advance!



From: RCCola45


Sorry for hijacking but to Brenda ... Top of page under the VStar 1100 riders logo is Wiki Knowledge Base ... Click there then upper right on next page to Mods then suspension.   About half way down page is lots of info on lowering links. 

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Brenda....the general rule is the closer the top and bottom holes are together, the more the bike will be raided.

Hey, it's great to hear from you.  It's been a very long time. Think we might have chatted briefly when I checked back in here in 2016.  Unless I am thinking of the wrong guy.  Is this Timm? (My mind is starting to show its age lol)

Anyway, Last night, I did manage to find my original paperwork on the lowering links I purchased years ago. But thanks so much for the reminder of the KB. WOW, have you all done a tremendous job expanding and organizing it. Just an unreal compilation of tried and true information.


From: Texpatriat


Do you still have them? If so I have some questions.