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High compression pistons?   CustomModifications/Projects

Started Aug-31 by TJ (XTjwardX001); 123 views.
TJ (XTjwardX001)

From: TJ (XTjwardX001)


I was looking at the 10.6 compression pistons on Pacific coast star and was wondering if there's anything special that needs to be done to the cylinders if these are used?

I read directly on their website that the 1100 has some kind of coating so it shouldn't be bored but what about honing? Just thinking about tipping the engine sideways a little since I've got the bike torn down so much already and putting some of those pistons in.

Like if I really need to remove the engine completely I may skip doing this for now. Maybe some triple x 2 cams and the dyna 3000 for starters. 

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Engine needs to be removed. No need to do anything with the cylinders.

Tims cams are better....you won't get any support from PCS after the sale.

TJ (XTjwardX001)

From: TJ (XTjwardX001)


Where can I find Tims cams? I remember finding more resources on cams for these Yamahas a year or 2 ago but the pcs ones are all I can find. And good to know about the engine.

If it's just swap the pistons and make sure the rings are where they need to be, that's tempting. Thanks for the info!