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carb jet setup   Tuning&Exhaust:04cal/06 up

Started Sep-3 by Craig (07bobber1100); 297 views.

Hi everyone-


So sorry I’ve been out of touch for awhile.   I check out some of the discussions from time to time, but basically have been tied up with.. well, life ;).  I hope everyone is doing well.  My bike has been down for a couple of years.   I recently decided to place my original carbs back on, but wanted to go through it to make sure it is correctly set before I slap it in.  Over time I have gone through some different POD systems, and currently put together something on the lines of a Chubby Air kit.  Originally, I did the Max air kit, then Dragon’s Breath kit, and eventually decided to go for the completely under the tank pod setup, so yes, it’s basically a generic POD system comparable to the chubby air pods.


I looked over my carbs and it looks like I have 157 mains and 17.5 pilots, as far as I can remember, I didn’t touch the needles or shims at all.  I also never messed with the floats.  I have a full exhaust, dyna module, solenoid delete kit, Mikuni PMS screws, and 429 cams installed.


After reviewing the WKB- it seems to recommend for full exhaust with pod system 17.5 – 20.0 pilot jets, and 150 mains. Under stock needle shims it states plastic and 2- 0.5 mm shims

With the 429 cams and stock needles it recommends: add one additional shim per needle, 160.0  or 162.5 mains and 20.0 pilots jets.


So again, I am currently set at 17.5 pilots, 157.0 main jets, no change to shims.  I cannot remember how I ended up with this.  I believe I was told that I should be ok.  I was just hoping someone to weigh in on this before I put everything back together.  This is a 2007 Custom California bike and I generally am around sea level, though occasionally I ride in the nearby foothills and coastal range about 4000 ft. max

I would welcome any feedback!  Thank you in advance.




From: gradie55


well welcome back your setup is perfect.. I ran the 429 cams as well .. 17.5 on the pilots ... 157.5 on the mains .. dyna 3000 set @curve 5  and rpms set @ 7000.. produced 76 hp @7000 ... 68 lbs torque.. with the AFR 13.5  .. I have friend that does Harleys for a living .. and got to play for 12 hrs on the dyno.. that set produce the most power with the cobra slash down pipes.. with stock baffles ...  now she's a wee bit hotter .. run the 502 kit from SS custom.. 11.5:1 pistons etc.  96 HP ... so I wouldn't change anything .. 



From: crazeeharry


Good to see you Ron, be well my friend..

Thank you Ron. I appreciate the feedback, especially knowing it’s from you!!  Just wanted a second opinion before putting this back together. I hope you are well up there!  Thanks again my friend!!



From: gradie55


all is good Harry in these crazy times... take care my friend ... be safe


From: crazeeharry


You take care too, my friend.