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2002 Classic Resurrection   Technical-Bikes

Started Sep-5 by SoLowSolo (bens1100); 154 views.

Hey Everyone!

So....my beloved bike has been sitting in the garage, covered, and neglected since around 2012. Had to quit riding after blowing out my back and then having undergone a failed lumbar back surgery.  So no riding in about 8 years.

I want to get my baby back up and running and I don't want to do any damage in the process.  So I'm asking for as much help and advice as possible from this ALL-KNOWING GROUP of experts!  When it was parked, the gas was drained from the tank.  So I'm thinking:

Pull plugs and put clean oil in cylinders and slowly rotate engine by hand (ratchet and socket on crank) - praying engine has not seized.

Oil and filter change, fuel filter change. New spark plugs, air filter, fresh fuel

Carbs cleaned and adjusted.

Brakes checked, fluids changed, cables lubed.

Tires checked - Possibly replaced (original tires, 4,000 miles)

So, how accurate is my line of thinking?  What am I forgetting/overlooking?

Any and all help and advice would be so much appreciated.   Thanks in advance!

~ Brenda

Cobb (AussieCobb)

From: Cobb (AussieCobb)


Replace the Fuel Filter, then clear all fuel lines of any old fuel and gunk.  Disconnect at carby and while pointing that hose into a suitable container, turn on ignition to activate the fuel pump...let it flow for at least a litre until your fuel flows clear and clean.  (use that fuel in your lawnmower)
Check the Vacuum Caps on either side of the intake Manifolds to ensure they have not dried and cracked - replace if needed.
Crack the Negative Lead Cable bolt located at rear of the Engine then retighten to ensure you have a good Earth.

Good advice, thank you! 

About how much oil would you think I should put into cylinder heads (after removing spark plugs) and how long should I let it sit before attempting to turn over the engine by hand? Also, using ratchet and socket, should I turn the engine clockwise or counter-clockwise?


~ Brenda