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Fuel supply question   Technical-Bikes

Started Sep-20 by Craig (07bobber1100); 266 views.

Hi all you super-smart people out there-

I have a question regarding my fuel supply setup:

I had originally planned to run a different carb setup, and went ahead and picked up a Pingel Power-flow fuel valve and fuel filter.  I was planning on running gravity flow and had therefore removed the fuel pump.  As I am now going to run the original carb setup, I would like to keep the high flow valve and filter (both because I already made the sizeable investment, and also it will make for a much more streamlined setup.)  My question is: am I likely going to have to reinstall the fuel pump, or will I get enough fuel to the carb running gravity feed alone?  

I know I have heard discussions on this in the past, but cannot locate anything.  I also was not able to locate anything in the WKB.  Any shared thoughts would be appreciated.  


thank you!



thats perfect!  Thank you for the info Mick!