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Help on oil leak (newb)   General Discussion

Started Sep-21 by Dalton121; 275 views.

From: Dalton121


Ok so I have a oil leak on my 02 vstar 1100 and can’t figure out where it’s coming from. I’ve been told neutral safety switch but can’t locate it and I’ve been told crankcase gasket. I have a gasket on hand to replace it with but don’t want to bandaid it. Any advice/help?  


From: RCCola45


You never said where you found the oil dripping ... hard for anyone here to even guess where.     But I will give you a couple of known places where some have had oil leaks.   Most common I think is the tappet covers ... I posted a picture of them here so you can find them ... there are four of them ... there is an o-ring that might of gotten flatten out or dried out.   They don't cost much but some of us were able to remove and clean up and flip over and it was good to go.   

One other place that has been know to leak is the stator ... I never had that happen but CLICK HERE for more information on that.

Hope that might help ya,  Timm


From: Dalton121


I thought I uploaded photos of leak. I’ll try to upload a few shortly.

Cobb (AussieCobb)

From: Cobb (AussieCobb)


The Stator Wires come out the rear of the Crankcase Cover on that side, sealed by a Rubber Grommet.  If you've not taken this cover off before now, then it looks to me like something upset this seal.

To do this properly you will need to remove the Crankcase Cover (replace the Gasket) and clean the surfaces and the rubber grommet thoroughly, ensuring you clean all the oil etc off all surfaces. You cant replace the grommet as its moulded onto the wires from the Stator as per pic below.  Just get it all as clean as you can and reassemble, there is normally enough pressure from tightening up the bolts to distort the Grommet to make it seal.  if in doubt, a good quality rubber mastic that is Oil and Heat proof may work to assist with the Seal but normally it leaks from someone not assembling it correctly the last time the cover got removed and it moved during reassembly so was misaligned causing a bad seal.

Gasket, Crankcase Cover 1 - 5EL-15451-00-00