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Removal of plastic fork cover on Custom?   CustomModifications/Projects

Started Oct-18 by Craig (07bobber1100); 425 views.

Hi all-


Craig here.  Hi to all my friends out there.  Hope everyone is well.  


I had a question regarding the placement of gaitors on my Custom's forks.  I saw a blurb on it in the WKB in the modification of suspension section.  It mentions the need for removal of the plastic cover (part 42 in the diagram below)



I have two questions:  

a.  How involved a process is it to remove that piece? and

b.  Does the piece need to be replaced by something else to keep everything else where its supposed to be?


I searched a couple different shop manuals (the online one found on the WKB, and a Haynes manual) and couldn't find any detailed explanation of the process.  Can someone please point me in the right direction?  Just want to know if I'm going to get into a headache.  I have no other reason to disassemble the forks.  Thank you!





Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

If you are careful, you can get them off, but they usually break. You don't really need them....just keep the bugs cleaned off the lower part of the forks.

Thank you Mick.


I always appreciate your advice!  So, do I just "tap"  them loose?  I'm not concerned with keeping them (unless someone else wants them)



Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

If you're not keeping them....just slip a screwdriver behind them and break them off. You can also carefully use the screwdriver to ease them off.

thank you.  I'll give it a try.  They rotate pretty easily in place.  It looks like there is a retainer clip above it.  Cheers Mr B!



Thanks Mick-


They came off just fine, I just had to give a little more effort.  Came out intact.  That being said, the boots that I've had put away for 2 years completely fell apart.  LOL  Got new one's en route!  Thanks for the help