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turn signal indicator bulb    Technical-Bikes

Started Oct-22 by indirobbins; 217 views.

From: indirobbins


Hi All,

First time posting here but been reading for a while; thanks for the wealth of info. I’ve learned and utilized a lot.

Anyone have insight on why my instrument cluster  turn signal indicator bulb flashes only when left turn signals are on, but not the right? 

to be clear, ALL turn signals are working, it’s only the bulb in the instrument cluster that does not flash when the right side turn signals are on; but it does indicate for the left side.

all turn signal bulbs are incandescent but replaced instrument cluster with T5 LED’s. For context, all the cluster lighting was working fine, and the flasher indicator bulb was flashing fine for both left and right turn signals until... today I tried installing LED turn signals (that have resistors wired in to avoid replacing flasher relay and adding instrument cluster flasher diode). However, the LED turn signals were not working correctly (only one light in the waterfall sequence worked) so since they weren’t lighting up fully and correctly, I went back to the original incandescent turn signals until I can figure out why they weren’t getting enough power. But Now I have the issue described above. 

I was thinking maybe my ground in the rear left incandescent fixture is weak (I had to solder a ground lead back in the fixture after snipping the wires short to remove the turn signal [wont do that ever again  ).
I understand that the opposite side turn signal becomes the grounding circuit, so that’s why I’m assuming this could be the issue with the instrument cluster indicator not working for right hand signals. (Because of a bad ground on the left side incandescent fixture).

 Again, all turn signals work (Thankfully). But since incandescent Bulbs can flow current either direction, maybe that’s how it’s completing the circuit for the turn signals to work, but not sending a current back to the instrument cluster for right turn signals since left side ground could be weak?

please ask any questions , I hope I have enough info here for you.


p.s. as annoying as it was to fail today, this is all pretty fun. 

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Info that'll help you in the KB.  Scroll down for the info you need.



From: seabird1974


As Mick says the info should fix this. 

You are correct that it is a grounding for opposite signal. That in combo with LED only working in one direction. 

If you would turn the LED 180 it probably only works with right signal. That should be a quick test.