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Fuel pump   Technical-Bikes

Started Nov-12 by crazeeharry; 684 views.
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From: Fran132


Well they opened up the country for Christmas and like wild boars let out for the first time everyone went mad, parties, shopping trips where people Queued outside the big stores for hours. Then the inevitable happened ----- Covid -19 came out of the woodwork again with a vengeance. We have been in lockdown ever since with a 5km maximum distance from your home for exercise or for essential shopping. Only 10 people allowed to go into a church for a funeral. No Visiting to Nursing homes ( where my Mam is ) I haven't seen her since just before Christmas when it was thought she was going to pass away. This whole world has become a sad place to be in. The police here fine you if you exceed the 5 km zone. Roadblocks everywhere. Stay safe everyone this crap holds no bars and doesn't mind what age you are.